Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yeah, we all love 'em, they're delicious messy pig awesome.

Now, making ribs the 'pure' way is about as far from 'easy bachelor cooking' as it gets, but there are ways to cheat. I like to smoke my ribs, but it involves having a smoker or making a smoke packet, all of which are far more complex than necessary to make a whack of "DAMN that's good" ribs. For now. Soon, teach you smoking I will young Padawan, hmmmmm... Yeah, cause I did my first smoke job a few days ago and I all I can say is GODDAMN!

But, for now, let's make those suckers easy. Basically there are as many variations on a good rib rub/marinade as there are bad AC/DC cover bands... So, I'm going to crib from my buddy Paul and adapt his easy rib recipe for today's post:

Step 1 - Get some ribs. Side ribs are cheaper, and you don't have to remove the membrane that you do for back ribs. Granted they aren't as tender, but for this trial, let's stick with side ribs.

Step 2 - Get some cheap BBQ sauce for the marinade/pre-cook. Kraft Garlic works just fine.

Step 3 - Using a food processor (hopefully you've picked one up by now, if not, chop the bejeezus out of everything!), purée an onion and as many gloves of garlic as you think you can handle. Add a few drops of liquid smoke (and only a few drops, it's mighty powerful stuff!) and as much hot sauce as you like. Mix it all together with the BBQ

Step 4 - Here's where you get creative. Use any of the following ingredients in reasonable quantities (and when I say 'any', I don't mean all! It's an exercise in 'mix and match to your taste'):

- bay leaf
- parsley
- oregano
- basil
- dry mustard powder
- cayenne pepper
- paprika
- cumin
- coriander
- dry cocoa powder
- brewed coffee
- rice wine vinegar
- beer (my fave!)
- whiskey
- red wine (for a richer sauce)
- tomato juice/veggie cocktail (if you like a richer tomato flavour)
- pineapple (gives a nice tang, I like it!)

Mix this all together in the food processor or whisk together with the BBQ sauce & onion/garlic puree.

Step 5 - Using a roasting or lasagna pan, lay out the ribs and pour sauce over them, rub the sauce into the meat. Make sure the meat is all well covered.

Step 6 - Cook ribs in oven for 4 hours at 200 degrees Farenheit.

Step 7 - Increase heat to 240 and cook for another hour. Remove from marinade. Ribs should be close to falling off the bone, but that isn't guaranteed. And really, they're still DAMN tasty.

Step 8 - Preheat grill or broiler (the broiler works just fine, but using the grill will give your ribs that smoky BBQ flavour)

Step 9 - Brush ribs with higher quality BBQ sauce. Remember the PC Smokin' Habanero Barbcue Sauce from last time? Yeah, that stuff works nicely if you like the spicy. If not, I suggest Diana sauce of whichever variety.

Step 10 - Cook ribs until sauce glazes and forms a crust of sorts. Do this on both sides. You can do this as much as you want. Usually 3 'coats' of sauce is good, but it's a question of taste.

Step 11 - Cut ribs into portions of single ribs or sets of three. Up to you really...

Step 12 - Keep lots of napkins handy and EAT!


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